Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kayaking in Prince William Sound - Dereksen Bay

We took our time making the transit from Picturesque Cove to our next camp spot in Dereksen Bay. Along the way we explored Mink Island and popped into several little pocket coves, including one that had a white sand beach! With the clear water and white sand it felt very tropical.
Unfortunately we took a bit too much time to get to Dereksen Bay, and the tide switched on us, so we went from having the tide and a nice stiff breeze pushing us, to fighting the out rushing tide from the bay. It was a tough way to end a long day of paddling but it was very worth it. 
Our campsite in Dereksen Bay was on a spit of land that until recently (in geologic time that is) had been the terminal moraine of the Nellie Juan Glacier.  The glacier has long since retreated up the bay, but the spit was a very nice, convenient place to camp.  We had a teaser view of the very top of the glacier from our camp and that was enough to get us excited for paddling up to the glacier later in the week.
We managed to make some friends while we were camped on the spit.  A family of marmots were busily munching away at anything they could get their paws on. They seemed largely unglazed by us and approached to within a few feet of our cook tent, busily snacking on beach greens and pushkie seeds.
Unfortunately the weather turned crummy on our first full day in Dereksen Bay and we were forced to postpone our kayak journey up to the Nellie Juan Glacier.  We endured two days straight of pretty constant wind and rain, though we managed to get out and take a nice hike behind our camp.  There is a large waterfall that was running really hard with all of the runoff, and we climbed up past it to access the large granite outcrops behind our camp. On the third day though the weather cleared and we hastily got our kayak gear together and headed for the glacier.

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