Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kayaking in Prince William Sound - Deep Water Bay

The last stop on our 8-day kayak trip was Deep Water Bay. We had a really nice paddle to our final camping beach and got there with just enough time to set up camp and cook before night fell.  We didn't do too much exploring of the bay until the next morning. We woke up to thick, cold fog, but we could tell right away that is was going to burn off pretty early.

Photographing in the fog was a lot of fun as we watched the sun slowly peel away the mist. The water was flat calm as well, which made for a really dramatic scene.

Once we finished breakfast and got in our boats the fog was completely gone and in its place we're some amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

It was as if we had woken up in Yosemite National Park (and the park had flooded over night!). Deep Water Bay is surrounded by big granite peaks.  They jut up from the spruce forests in dramatic fashion.  We were very fortunate to catch this amazing place on such a good day. The sun lit up the granite, crisply defining every crack.

We lingered a while in Deep Water Bay, taking in the views but eventually paddled out to do some exploring before our water taxi came and picked us up in the afternoon. The highlight of our little excursion was Greystone Bay.

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