Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dik Reunion

I just got back from southern Oregon where I spent several days with a whole pack of old college friends from the University of Buffalo. Some of these folks, including Mowhawk and Foley (above) I haven't seen in over ten years, maybe fifteen years. What a crazy, insane, non-stop babbling, ridiculous, debaucherous time it was. All of us loud (I was the quietest for sure), all of us New Yorkers, and all of us drinking! Oh, and all of us shooting guns too...Matt Powers (below, before the face plant) hosted the celebration on the incredible piece of land that he lives on. It was a perfect setting for a gathering with lots of small, funky cabins (some made of wood, some of straw bale, some of cob) all dispersed in the woods. Matt also fed us all with wonderful, wholesome organic food, most of it locally grown, including some amazing garlic from a good friend and neighbor of his.