Monday, April 19, 2010

When I root I root for the Timbers!

My local futbol club, the Portland Timbers, got their 2010 season started off right with a win over the Rochester Rhinos at home on Saturday night. It was a sell out game for the team, with 15,000+ fans in attendance. The Timbers are set to move up to the MLS next year and I think Portland is finally ready to start getting behind the team and the idea of having top-tier soccer in this city. I have season tickets so I go to most games, but we also had a good crowd of friends there together including Clare, and our friends Stu, Erica, Dave, Jessica, Kathleen and Jenny.
The Timbers scored the lone goal of the match on a penalty kick in the 82nd minute. Fortunately for us in the crowd it was on our end of the field so we could see it all! Three seconds after I shot this picture the place went berserk!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hornings Hustle

Sunday I had my first race flying the colors of my new team "Portobello Bike Racing." I was also riding my brand new mountain bike for the first time and it was awesome. The new bike took a little getting used because it has 29 inch wheels as opposed to the 26 inch wheels of my old bike. The bike handles differently, as would be expected, and the slick muddy course probably wasn't the best choice for getting to know the new bike, but it handled really well and it felt pretty fast.
I had two teammates racing out there with me (Ben and Matt) and it was fun to get out there with them and represent the new team. We've got more races to come, and I expect I'll only be getting faster as I get in better shape and get used to the new bike!
The course had a really sweet water crossing that was great for getting some of the mud off the bike!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here are a few pictures of my current favorite artist, C215. I think his work is fantastic! You can check his stuff out at: