Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kayaking in Prince William Sound -Nellie Juan Glacier

After several days of rain and wind we were so ready to get in our boats and check out the Nellie Juan Glacier.  We got extremely lucky and the entire day was absolutely perfect, with blue skies and no wind!  This was Clare's first time paddling near a tidewater glacier and she thoroughly enjoyed it.
We kept a respectful distance from the face of the glacier given the amount of large ice chunks in the water and the narrowness of the fjord, we wanted to avoid being too close if a house sized ice chunk decided to rip off the glacier face. Fortunately that didn't happen and we were able to enjoy the magnificence of the glacier in relative calm (though we did get to see a few smaller chunks calve off).
The scale of everything in the fjord was truly impressive. Everything seems so much larger from the cockpit of a kayak!
We then took a hike to get a view of the glacier and rest of the by from a nearby ridge. We climbed up the side of a large granite outcrop that provided great climbing and a fantastic view.
House-sized ice bergs looked tiny from our perch. For awhile we watched several seals climbing onto one of the flatter ice bergs, while other seals lounged on the ice looking very disinterested.
Clare and I decided to toast the occasion with some bourbon from the flask! And then we headed back down the cliffs and to our boats. We still had a long day ahead of us, packing up camp and heading to our next destination, Deep Water Bay.

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