Monday, April 19, 2010

When I root I root for the Timbers!

My local futbol club, the Portland Timbers, got their 2010 season started off right with a win over the Rochester Rhinos at home on Saturday night. It was a sell out game for the team, with 15,000+ fans in attendance. The Timbers are set to move up to the MLS next year and I think Portland is finally ready to start getting behind the team and the idea of having top-tier soccer in this city. I have season tickets so I go to most games, but we also had a good crowd of friends there together including Clare, and our friends Stu, Erica, Dave, Jessica, Kathleen and Jenny.
The Timbers scored the lone goal of the match on a penalty kick in the 82nd minute. Fortunately for us in the crowd it was on our end of the field so we could see it all! Three seconds after I shot this picture the place went berserk!

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