Monday, April 12, 2010

Hornings Hustle

Sunday I had my first race flying the colors of my new team "Portobello Bike Racing." I was also riding my brand new mountain bike for the first time and it was awesome. The new bike took a little getting used because it has 29 inch wheels as opposed to the 26 inch wheels of my old bike. The bike handles differently, as would be expected, and the slick muddy course probably wasn't the best choice for getting to know the new bike, but it handled really well and it felt pretty fast.
I had two teammates racing out there with me (Ben and Matt) and it was fun to get out there with them and represent the new team. We've got more races to come, and I expect I'll only be getting faster as I get in better shape and get used to the new bike!
The course had a really sweet water crossing that was great for getting some of the mud off the bike!

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