Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Other Valentine!

OK, there is no getting around it, I'm in love! Clare, don't get jealous! It happened immediately actually, the first time I laid my eyes on the new G4 from BH cycles. And so, after several dreamy test rides and with no regrets whatsoever I took the plunge and threw down the credit card for my brand new road bike. BH bikes (short for Beistegui Hermanos or Beistegui Brothers) are relatively unknown in this country, despite the fact that they've been making bikes for 100 years. They were first imported into the US last year, and as far as anyone can tell me, mine is the first sold here in Portland - so it's been a common occurance to have to explain to friends what it is that I bought. As would be expected from a company with that much history, they have their fair share of Grand Tour winners and cycling legends that have raced on BH bikes. My hope is in some small way to add to that pedigree!! Here is a link to their site:

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