Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rally-America Oregon Trail Rally

I headed up to Hood River Oregon today to watch the third day of the Rally-America, Oregon Trail Rally. It is an on road/off road car race that is being held up in the mountains near Mt. Hood. The racing was exciting and the crowds were into it. Car rallying is now an X-games sport so it is pretty popular. Most teams seem to be sponsored by some sort of energy drink! No surprise I guess. The cars are pretty incredible. They are mostly Subaru's and Mitsubishi's, with the occasional Ford Focus (don't ask me why), and all are modified with roll cages, beefed up suspensions etc. The cool thing about these cars though is that they all must be street legal (lights, signals, even license plates!).

Shooting pics of these flashy cars was loads of fun. There was dust flying everywhere though so tonight I'm hanging out at home, cleaning my camera!

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